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Who We Are

The Royal Coast Riviera Club (RCR Club) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization whose members believe in championing its Vision & Mission



This is summed up in our motto:

Inspiring Quality Lifestyles

the team

Meet Our Committee


Natsima 'Deer' Kunajarasdech

Founder, Government Liaison, Public Relations & Protocol

Guido Campigotto

Co-Founder and President

Tina Zarlimee


Honorary Advisors

M.R. Saisanidh Rangsit

Anthony Pettifer 

Our logo features the iconic lighthouse
marking the rocks that over 100 years ago inspired
HRH Prince Krisda Bhiniharn Krom Phra Naresra Varariddhi
to name a little fishing village with a beautiful beach 'Hua Hin'.

The English translation of หัวหิน (Hua Hin) is 'Rock Head'.

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