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Membership Policy

  • Membership is by invitation only.

  • Members have the right to propose friends and/or business colleagues for membership.

  • An aspiring member must have the following qualifications/criteria:

    • Be recommended by at least two current members and attend two meetings as an observer

    • Be in the hospitality business

    • Or, be a member of other reputable clubs or chambers of commerce

    • Or, be someone with qualifications and experience that can support the Club’s Vision & Mission.

  • Candidates must be approved for membership by two members of the Admission Committee and the Founder.

  • The Admission Committee is elected by all members at an AGM.

  • Each new member is invited to make a presentation within a year of joining.

  • The membership fee is annual: a new member will pay pro-rata according to the month of subscription.

  • In order to stay a neutral party to its members, the Club will not favour or endorse a member's business over another.

  • The Club is not responsible for individual business transactions between members or other entities introduced via the Club.

To view the Club's Policies & Procedures document click the PDF file below.

Members' Links

Click on a member's logo to link to their website or Facebook page....

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Members' Benefits

  • The Club is a networking forum dedicated to helping develop the region as a beautiful place to live, visit and do business in. To do so it brings together leaders in the region's tourism and business communities, as well as decision-makers in Government and other relevant entities.

  • Therefore, the primary benefit of membership is involvement in the Club's Vision, Mission & Objectives; resulting in a sustainable, long-term, and mutually advantageous development of the region, economic and social well-being, as well as better business opportunities and connections with the community.

  • Members are also kept up to date with the latest tourism news and policies, as well as meeting with speakers of interest at our monthly meetings.

  • Members will be linked to our website and Facebook pages in order to promote their events and initiatives.

  • With the Club Committee's approval, Members' business may be supported in other appropriate ways, so long as this does not conflict with fellow Members' interests and is in keeping with our Vision and Mission.

  • Reciprocal benefits with other organizations in the region will be arranged.

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